Tips On How to Prevent Gout You Can’t Miss

Gout is caused by the excess amount of uric acid in the body. The excess uric acid builds up in the joints that result in pain, swelling and inflammation on the affected area. The big toe is the most usual area that is affected by this condition. Some of the other areas that can be affected by gout include the ankles, knees, heels, instep, elbows, wrists and fingers. Not only that this condition is painful but there is also a chance that the tendons, cartilage, tissue and joints where the gout takes place will be damaged. Gout causes great discomfort on the sufferer so learning how to prevent gout is imperative to avoid this condition.

How to prevent gout through grout medications

One of the things that you can do to prevent gout is through controlling the uric acid by taking medicines. When it comes to gout medicines, it is better to speak with your doctor about the medication that will be able to treat your condition effectively. Some of the gout medications available include Probenecid which helps the body to eliminate excess uric acid, Allopurinol which lowers the uric acid amount produced by the body and Colchicine that helps lessen the inflammation caused by gout.

Low Purines Diet

Following a diet that is low in purines will be of help to control the uric acid in the body and avoid gout from taking place. A diet that consists of foods high in purines can augment the levels of uric acid in the body that can prompt gout to occur. For gout sufferers, it is essential to avoid alcohol consumption as this can just worsen the condition.

A person suffering from gout should take plenty of water daily as this will help dilute the uric acid. Adequate water consumption also helps prevent other heath issues such as dehydration and kidney stones. Gout sufferers should also consul protein at a moderate level. Animal organs like sweetbreads, kidneys and liver contains high level of purines so it is significant to avoid this completely as this can only aggravate the condition.

A gout sufferer should also limit their poultry, fish and meat intake to 4-6 oz daily. To compensate, other proteins which are low in purines like eggs and tofu can be consumed. You can speak to a dietitian about the foods that are good for your condition. Learning how to prevent gout is extremely significant to free yourself from it and live a more comfortable life.


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